Why is the US's Israel lobby allowed to function?

March 6, 2015
Sarah Benton


Cheekily, we have nicked this interview with Moshe Machover for the Signatories’ blog spot as Moshe is a signatory .

The World Today with Tariq Ali

Interview with Moshe Machover
February 17, 2015

He covers a lot of ground in this interview with Tariq Ali, from his early membership of the Communist Party of Israel and his co-founding of Matzpen and his subsequent move to London to  how and why Israel moved from egalitarian ideals to the ‘nasty’ society it has become today.  All capitalist societies have become more unequal in the last decade but Israel’s inequality is particularly intensive.

Central to his argument is the concept of the military-industrial complex, the bond that ties Israel to the USA, structurally and ideologically, and is the answer to the question about Israel’s huge pro-Israel lobby, of which Christian evangelists, as well as all arms manufacturers’, make up such a large part.

It lasts about half an hour.

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