Two states, one state, a human rights approach?

This new website section presents an internal debate in the Executive on what JJP’s position should be on the solution to the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. Should we continue with our advocacy for two states, change to advocating one state, have no position on the solution at all, or something else? There is a mixture of moral and pragmatic arguments in both the two-state and the one-state positions, and that would doubtless be true of any other conceivable solution.

Arthur Goodman advocates continuing our present two-state position on pragmatic grounds. Miriam Greenwood advocates abandoning the two-state position, also for pragmatic reasons, and not having a position on the solution. Both advocate continuing to campaign for ending Israel’s manifold violations of Palestinian rights.

Signatories and supporters are invited to contribute to the debate by using the comment facility. The facility will be moderated to ensure that all published comments are civil and relevant to the debate.

The Executive plans to use this new facility for other debates in future.

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