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  1. Jon Lansman says:

    I am convinced by the arguments for two states (though 2 states requires a peace process – it is not a “solution” without a successful process. However, we cannot guarantee the process will be successful – there may not be a viable 2 state solution acceptable to all sides. It is therefore important not to reject other views or exclude people who hold other views. What can be agreed now, I think, is that there should be peace, an end to occupation and justice and equality for all citizens of any state in Israel/Palestine

  2. David B Lawrence says:

    Hi – guys – there is a general political principle involved – only those in the situation can make peace – it is pointless those not in the situation prescribing solutions for those in other polities – it violates the very principle that JFJFP has advocated – i.e. – the two state solution is about self-determination – therefore the role of JFJFP should be to facilitate solutions not decide them – this is the general political rule – hold any opinion you want – but do not take sides and absolutely do not fuel other people’s conflicts – historical example – Kansas – had very few inhabitants – who were not even concerned too much about being pro or anti-slavery – others used it to contest those matters – leaving not only – Kansas – but – Missouri – burning ruins

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