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Joining as a signatory

You have to identify as Jewish and live in the UK, or have lived in the UK.  Your name will appear in our list of signatories in the Voices section of the website.

We send e-mails to signatories periodically telling them of our statements about important current issues in the conflict, or asking them to write to the government (usually to the Foreign Secretary) to support a specific lobbying letter we have written. We will also send weekly e-mails informing signatories of the News and Comment postings and any other new material put up on the website in the previous week. We will always keep the e-mails short by using them simply to direct signatories to the appropriate page in the website, which will have all the necessary information. You can opt into or out of receiving our e-mails.

Joining as a Supporter

Anyone can join as a Supporter. You don’t have to be Jewish or have lived in the UK. Your name will not appear in our list of signatories, and will remain confidential to us. We send the same e-mails to supporters as to signatories.

Confidentiality of your personal details

We will never divulge your details to a third party.


There is no annual fee for Signatories or Supporters, but we do need funding to continue our important work, so we hope you will make regular contributions. Use the Donate page in the Take Action section of the website.

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