Trump’s “greatest ever” deal to solve the Israel-Palestinian conflict

Map,of occupied territories

Published 31 January 2020

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Our official lobbying letter

30 January 2020

Rt Hon Dominic Raab, Foreign Secretary

Dear Mr Raab ,

We are writing about the initial response by the Prime Minister and yourself to the American plan for resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, presented by President Trump on 28 January. We are hugely disappointed that you both welcomed it.

Surely, the correct response, at the least, would have been to restate the UK’s commitment to the two-state solution based on the 1967 borders and on international law.

The intent of the plan to reduce the Palestinian presence to four discrete areas, that could be called bantustans, in order to satisfy right-wing Israel’s expansionist ideology, is well understood. However, I would like to refer to just two of the plan’s terms.

The plan insists that the Palestinians recognise Israel as “the nation state of the Jewish people”, and it casts them as the sole cause of the long conflict, That is to demand the Palestinians make an abject public declaration that they do not now, and never did, have the right to self-determination in Palestine. That is patently untrue, and the Palestinians cannot be expected to accept it. It is also unnecessary. The Palestinian Liberation Organisation’s recognition of the state of Israel within the 1967 borders, made in 1988 and often repeated, is sufficient.

The plan will, of course, prove completely and rightly unacceptable to the Palestinians, as Prime Minister Netanyahu knows. He will therefore implement it unilaterally if he wins the forthcoming Israeli election, unless he is stopped by concerted action by the European Union and, we would hope, the United Kingdom.

In a wider sense, the plan is part of Donald Trump’s attack on international law and the rules-based international order. We cannot imagine that Prime Minister Johnson and you want to be remembered as Donald Trump’s willing helpers. Far better to build on Security Council Resolution 2334, which the UK did so much to create.

Arthur Goodman,
Parliamentary and Diplomatic Liaison Officer

Jews for Justice for Palestinians, London

020 8977 5161 (tel)
07985 912 426 (mobile)

c.c. Rt Hon Dr. Andrew Murrison, Minister of State

Published 29 January 2020

Donald Trump published his unjust plan yesterday, cynically timed to help Binyanin Netanyahu and himself in their mutual hours of need. The timing is intended to help Netanyahu avoid conviction for fraud and help him win the Israeli election, and simultaneously help Trump himself avoid conviction in his impeachment trial in the US Senate, and also position himself for the US election.

The plan would give right-wing Israel virtually everything it wants. There is no chance of the Palestinian Liberation Organisation agreeing to it, so it will have to be implemented unilaterally, as both men always knew. That it would consign Palestine to the status of Bantustans presents neither man with any moral qualms.

See the Times of Israel summary of the plan’s terms, here.

Further material on the implications of the plan will be added to this page from time ti tome.

Published 26 January 2020

After two years of repeated delays in publishing his “deal of the century”, Donald Trump and his son-in-law Jared Kushner are finally  about to  launch their plan, timed to help Binyamin Netanyahu win another election and avoid jail for corruption.  Father and son-in-law have had to accept the reality that no Arab country, not even Saudi Arabia under Prince Salman, will endorse his plan to give right-wing Israel almost everything it wants and consign Palestine to the status of bantustans.

The Palestinians have refused even to discuss the plan. Therefore, if it is to become reality, it will have to be unilaterally imposed with American backing.

There is a ray of hope in mainstream Israeli politics that Netanyahu and Trumpthe may not get their way. Benny Gantz, leader of the “centrist” Kahol-Lavan party, only supports annexation of the Jordan Valley with the agreement of the international community, which he knows will never be forthcoming. The small amalgamated Labour-Gesher party remains committed to a negotiated two-state solution. The mostly Arab Joint List should again have a big bloc of  MKs.

A recent poll showed that only one-third of Israelis  support unilateral annexation of the Jordan Valley. here The key to thwarting the plan is whether Israeli voters will give Kahol Lavan, Labour-Gesher and the Joint List enough Knesset seats to prevent Netanyahu forming a majority government.

Mondoweiss revealed the latest leaked details of the plan, here. Times of Israel confirmed some of them here

The details are similar to what we revealed in May 2019, see here.

Our Lobby Group will recommence lobbing against this unjust and unworkable plan as soon as it is published.

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