Arab ambassadors call on Britain to reject ‘Deal of the Century’

Husam Zomlot

Middle East Monitor reports:

Arab ambassadors accredited to the United Kingdom called on the British government to reject the Deal of the Century, as it does not fulfil the minimum legitimate rights of the Palestinian people and constitutes a clear violation of United Nations resolutions and international law.

This came in a message sent by the Arab ambassadors in London to British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab just before the start of the UN Security Council meeting today, with the participation of President Mahmoud Abbas, who delivered a speech.

In their message, the Arab ambassadors called on the British government to announce a clear position in rejection of the Deal of the Century at the UN Security Council meeting.

They emphasised that the UK has a historical responsibility and role to play in achieving a just and comprehensive peace in accordance with international law and UN resolutions in Palestine, by working to adhere to the implementation of international law and decisions and protecting it from the ongoing Israeli violations and abuses.

The ambassadors demanded the British government to continue its public support for the two-state solution based on international decisions and express a firm and serious rejection of any unilateral initiatives or steps.

In turn, the Palestinian ambassador, Husam Zomlot, explained that the message came after an emergency meeting of Arab ambassadors to discuss the British position on the Deal of the Century and the mechanisms for promoting joint Arab action in Britain.

Zomlot added that the official British position is conflicting, as the British government welcomed Trump’s efforts, but announced that it does not adopt what was stated in the US plan and reaffirmed its adherence to the two-state solution based on international resolutions.

He stressed the continuation and intensification of efforts in Britain to push the British government to take clear and concrete positions and decisions, notably rejecting the Deal of the Century”, recognising the state of Palestine and banning the import of the settlements’ products to Britain.

Zomlot re-asserted the importance of joint Arab action as a basic starting point in Britain while thanking all Arab ambassadors in London for the steady and continuous support of the Palestinian cause.

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