Why is this night different from all other nights? – JfJfP Third Seder, 21st April

April 5, 2011
Richard Kuper

jfjfpJfJfP Third Seder

7-10pm on 21st April

Caxton House, 129 St Johns Way, N19 3RQ

Why is this year different from all other years? Because this year, at Passover, we celebrate the struggles of all those intent on achieving liberation from the yoke of authoritarian rule. While some remain oppressed, there is still work for all of us to do. Join us in our third Seder to consider the universal Passover themes of slavery, oppression, freedom and emancipation. We will have readings, and songs from Vivi Lachs and Chaim Neslen.

We ask only that you bring some food (vegetarian or fish) – suitable for the occasion, which means no bread, or food made with wheat flour (potato flour is fine), except of course for matzos – and drink to share.

We hope this will give us a chance both to reflect on changes and to enjoy a rousing occasion.

PLEASE CONTACT US if you are thinking of coming.

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