VICTORY – posters to be removed

May 21, 2009
Dan Judelson
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Update (Friday 22 May 16.30) We have just received this statment from the PR company representing CBS Outdoor, regarding removal of the posters:

Instructions to remove the campaign came through to CBSO from Posterscope acting on behalf of Total Media.  As a result of this instruction we stopped posting on Wednesday night (20/5) with approximately 109 sites out of 156 on display. Posters will be removed during the next week. However, due to the Bank Holiday and access to the track, there may be a delay in removing some of the posters from the estate.”

We still need to establish how the map was ok’d in the first place and if we get information on that it will be posted here. in the meantime, let us know if you see posters still up in a week’s time.

Various campaigners have today (Thurs 21 May) received an email from CBS Outdoor’s Richard Ashman, saying the posters that wiped Palestine off the map are … to be wiped off the London Underground.

We’re trying to clarify how soon this will happen – watch this space.

Original action alert & photo

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