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We offer this series of timelines and maps in order to support this ORIGINS OF AND BACKGROUND TO THE CONFLICT section. Do let us know if you come across others that would be worth linking to.



1. Chronology from November 1947 to 2006

This chronology, from Avi Shlaim’s magisterial account The Iron Wall: Israel and the Arab World, can be downloaded here. It is reproduced with the author’s permission.


2. BBC Timeline of the conflict

Good overview to 2005


3. Presbyterian Church

A timeline showing the history of Israel-Palestine from 1300 BCE to 2006 CE.


4. History of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

“The history of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict has a convenient elasticity; it changes dramatically depending on who is telling it and where they start the story… For this reason, certain events of the timeline include both a Palestinian (on the right side) and an Israeli (on the left side) perspective…”.

Most of the information in this timeline is based on the BBC’s In Depth: Middle East Peace Process website. View the entire timeline as a PDF


5. Historical timeline from pre-historic times to 2014
By Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Pros & Cons

A rather daunting 27,000 word timeline, with extensive quotations from very varied sources to describe each event singled out on the timeline. Use with care!


6. Timeline of the Occupation, 1967-2007
Neve Gordon, israelsoccupation website, 2007

Neve Gordon’s book Israel’s Occupation published in 2007 described itself as the first complete history of Israel’s occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip. There is a website devoted to the book and issues around the occupation including a detailed chronology, 1967-2007, linked to above.


Historical maps

1. Mainly historical maps
From the Palestine remembered website

Around 20 maps, largely historical, mainly from before and up to 1949 but a handful from the nineties as well. Including an ‘extremely rare map of Palestine before al-Nakba’ signed by Moshe Dayan!


2. The Palestinian Academic Society for the Study of International Affairs

Maps dating from 1878 to 2006: ‘A first series of maps follows the path of modern Palestinian history in chronological order, focusing on key demographic themes and political milestones, as well as identifying the various proposals posited for the resolution of the Palestine Question (Chapters 1-3). Jerusalem itself is of such intrinsic importance to Palestinian history and to the resolution of the Palestine-Israel conflict, that a separate section is devoted, in detail, to its changing circumstances (Chapter 4). Core issues, such as water and refugees, are also addressed in isolation within a separate chapter (Chapter 5).’


3. Le Monde Diplomatique 

Around twenty maps produced by Le Monde Diplomatique to accompany its analyses of the Middle East conflict. Mainly recent, but some historical. French has the advantage of referring to the settlements as what they really are: “colonies”.


4. Misc maps

University of Florida, historical maps of the holy land, mainly nineteenth century, on the University of Florida website.


See also our webpage History and maps of the occupation

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d) The Palestinian refugees

e) From 1948 to 1967
f) Oslo and after
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