Olive Co-operative

Olive Co-operative seeks to raise awareness of the difficulties faced by Palestinians, and to support those working for a just peace in Palestine and Israel. It aims to do this by three main means: sponsorship of new olive trees, arranging tours to Palestine and Israel, and selling Palestinian fairly traded goods in the UK.

Olive Co-operative Windows for Peace (UK) 8 – Day Study Tour in November

Al AqsaOlive Co-operative enables people to travel to the Middle East, to meet with Palestinians and Israelis and to hear their stories at first hand. It also aims to support the Palestinian economy through working with Palestinian suppliers in arranging tours, for example the Alternative Tourism Group in Beit Sahour, as well as through developing a market in the UK for fairly traded Palestinian goods. Olive Co-operative also offers advice and information on Palestine and travel in the region Olive Co-operative believes that its activities are positive methods of increasing understanding amongst a wide range of communities and groups in the UK, of actively contributing to the Palestinian economy, and of creating dynamic links between people working to raise awareness in the UK and peace activists in Palestine and Israel.

Olive Co-operative is a workers’ co-operative founded in 2003 by a group of peace activists in Manchester, UK. It is a not-for-profit organisation, where the part-time workers pay themselves a basic hourly salary (we are currently using a flat rate salary of £6 per hour for all Olive employees), and keep paid hours to a minimum.

More info at the Olive Coop website.


Olive Co-operative Windows for Peace (UK) 8 – Day Study Tour in November

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