“Time for Peace”

GRACE Pilgrimage in the Middle East
Walking together from the Sea of Galilee to the Dead Sea
29 November 2012

We invite you for an intensive journey and an adventure of community building in the Holy Land, with the Peace Research Village Middle East.
It is a unique opportunity to connect with the region, to understand the conflict in the Middle East and to create a vision for a new culture together.

PEACE – “For a future without war”
The current situation calls us to step out of the system of violence and fear and to create a new reality based on trust and solidarity. We will use the communitarian space to open our eyes and hearts to the pain of the world and to reveal the connections between inner and outer peace. Together we will explore the current steps of realization of a Peace Research Village in the Middle East – a sustainable model of living amongst humans and nature.

WATER – “We go with the flow”
Due to exploitation of water by the Israeli, Syrian and Jordanian governments, the Jordan River has lost 98% of its water and the Dead Sea is dying. We will walk where the water was once flowing and should flow again, and bring awareness to the right of all living beings to have free access to clean healthy water. We will study and explore the vision of collecting rainwater in decentralized local retention areas, as an answer to one of the most crucial problems of the region: water scarcity.

BEYOND 2012 – “Time for change”
We wish to use this journey to find our next steps as peace workers in service of a world in transformation – as individuals and as a group. As we are approaching December 2012 we will use this special time in history to find new decisions and visions for our lives. More and more people around the globe are waking up and standing up for the right to have a life worth living. There is a growing understanding that we have to cooperate in order to make 2013 a year of a positive shift in our inner and outer reality.

The pilgrimage will include:

  • Walking in nature: from the lush greenery of the north to the desert in the south, carrying our luggage on our backs, eating together simple vegan meals, sleeping under the stars.
  • Daily study time: what are the roots of the conflict? How a small group can change the world?
  • Visiting communities and special places.
  • Art time: exploring theatre, dance, painting and music.
  • Group building and forum work (a tool for transparency, community building and transformation).

Leading team:
The core group members of the Peace Research Village Middle East.

10,000 Shekels (2,000 Euro, 2,450 Dollars) – Including a donation to the PRV-ME
5,000 Shekels (1,000 Euro, 1,230 Dollars) – Normal price
2,500 Shekels (500 Euro, 620 Dollars) – Minimum price for special scholarships

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