Three Bedouin families made homeless and destitute by IOF raid

July 11, 2012
Sarah Benton

Official: Israeli forces evict 3 Bedouin families
Ma’an news
July 10, 2012

JERUSALEM — Israeli forces evicted three Bedouin families from their homes in northwest Jerusalem overnight Sunday, a Palestinian official said.

Three families living in the Beit Hanina al Balad area were evicted from their caravan homes after Israeli soldiers raided the area overnight, director of the PA’s Jerusalem governorate Muhammad Taree said.

The families had been living in the caravans since their homes were demolished by Israeli forces in November 2011.

Their belongings were thrown away by Israeli forces upon eviction.

Israeli actions like these are akin to robbery and organized crime, Taree said.

Israeli forces also notified the families that they must move the caravans from the area under the pretext that they are living in Area C.

Legal action is set to be taken against Israeli policies of displacement by Husam Younis on behalf of the Jerusalem governorate.

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency says approximately 17,000 Bedouin live in the occupied West Bank. Most struggle with Israeli restrictions on their movements and access to grazing fields that are located in so-called Area C, where Israel retains authority over planning and zoning.

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