This Gaza factory once made kids’ clothes. Now it makes protective suits

April 8, 2020
The workshop produces about 400 suits a day to help stem the spread of the novel coronavirus.

The workshop producinng protective suits a day,Gaza, 28 March 28 2020

Mohammed Zaanoun reports in +972:

When the new coronavirus reached Gaza, Alaa Qreiqea decided he would repurpose his children’s clothes factory to make protective suits. His workshop now produces about 400 suits a day, which are sold to essential workers inside the strip as well as in the West Bank and Israel.

The factory employs about 30 people, said Qreiqea, who is in his 20s and hails from the Shuja’ia neighborhood of Gaza City. Knowing that the laborers have families to support in this difficult time is what motivated him to keep the factory operational, he explained.

“It is not about profit, but about protecting people from grave danger,” he said.

To make that transition, Qreiqea researched fabrics that can be used to make the protective suits, until settling on a waterproof and heat-resistant material. When the suits are completed, they go through lab tests to ensure they meet global health standards. Finally, they are sterilized before being sold to customers in the strip, which include security forces, medical personnel, and journalists.

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