Petition to Mr Netanyahu for the rights of Bedouin people

January 20, 2012
Dan Judelson

Stop Persecuting Bedouins in Israel

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Sponsored by: Recognition Forum
January 2012

The Israeli government is determined to escalate the dispossession of the Negev Bedouin Arabs of their lands and concentrate them in towns – a process that has been ongoing for 63 years now.

The decision to accept the Prawer-Amidror plan is the culmination of a proposal to evacuate about 30,000 to 45,000 Bedouins from their homes and demolish their villages. This proposal, which is racist and discriminatory in nature, is contrary to international human rights laws and in particular, the Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous People, adopted by the United Nations General Assembly. The bill will be discussed by the present Knesset in session and likely to pass into law, leaving the civil society with no response.

Sign this petition  to demand that the Israeli government cancel the proposed law and not present it to the Knesset (Israeli Parliament); cease the persecution of its Bedouin citizens; and allow the Bedouin to live as any other citizen in the style they choose and according to their culture in rural spaces and not solely in urban communities.

The Recognition Forum, which is sponsoring this petition, aims to ‘inform and connect individual researchers and research teams involved in developing the theory of recognition around the world.’ Its starting point is the human intuitive need for recognition.

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