Russell Tribunal on Palestine – Materials from the London hearings

November 25, 2010
Richard Kuper


Presentations in London Session

Expert and witness presentations for the London Session.

London Session Presentations document (PDF – 11.6mb)

Experts Presentations – Index

Day One ‐ Saturday 20th of November

The Legal Framework relevant to corporate conduct

Richard Hermer QC Yasmine Gado Dr William Bourdon

Implications of corporate activities in and around settlements Dr Dalit Baum Hugh Lanning Wael Natheef Adri Nieuwhof Ghaleb Mashni John Dorman

Trade and labelling of settlement goods Salma Karmy Christophe Perrin Nancy Kricorian and Rae Abileah Phon Van Den Biesen Genevieve Coudrais

Day two ‐ Sunday 21st of November

Financial services sector Merav Amir Mario Franssen Saskia Muller

The security industry and the war industry John Hilary Maria Lahood Josh Ruebner Merav Amir / Dr Dalit Baum Shir Hever and Jamal Juma’a Paul Troop Chris Osmond Ben Hayes


Full details can be found in the London Session Presentations document

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