Messages of Goodwill and Support

Messages of Goodwill and Support

We have been absolutely inundated with messages of goodwill and support throughout the project.  These messages mean so much to the crew and passengers, as well as the organisers and the people of Gaza, to know that there is such feelings of goodwill throughout the world.

We have been compiling these as quickly as we can, and will continue to do so, so please do send us your messages, via email, facebook and twitter, and we will continue to post them on the site, and send them to the crew and passengers of the Irene

Thank you again for showing your support!

Messages from emails:

From our emails

I am so delighted to read of the superb act of solidarity with the Palestinians, especially those in Gaza.

Please pass on my greetings, and words of encouragement to those on board ~ keeping them in my thoughts and prayers.

God speed

Susan Murphy

Shared Interest Ambassador

i am a greek jewish son (age 48) of muther and father survived of the olocaust(now they are both death) and i desire with umilty to give a contribution to a logical and umanity solution in this ilogical for the umanity situation.

I hope that your corage give me also corage to be a jewish with

stronge and justice voice.

menasse alberto

How do I help you?

So grateful for you and what you are doing.


Jo An Gaines

Shalom/Salaam/Peace – Good luck and God speed on your mission I hope you get to Gaza where you will receive the traditional Palestinian welcome. Every country world needs more people like yourselves –

people of principle and courage.

My best wishes to you all


It is deeply poignant and a very important symbol to have a Jewish boat trying to break the siege of Gaza. Many of us feel very proud of you. I hope it all goes well and that you get to Gaza. I was on the Dignity that got through in November 2008. The welcome was overwhelming; it means so much to the people of Gaza to know that people care about them and come to visit them. Take care and travel well.

Clare Short

Dear Modern Heroes,

That Jews should be willing to take a risk for justice and peace is fantastic.

I took part in the ICHAD 2006 reconstruction camp and I admire Jeff

Halper and his team.

You are like the Germans that fought the criminals in the thirties.

You’re the just.

You give me hope.

Love and peace to my heroes.

Alec de Selliers

Dear crew and passengers, I very much admire your principled stand in undertaking this trip, and wish you every success. It is extremely saddening to see how militarised Israel has become – and how inhumanly the Palestinians are treated, both in the occupied territories and within Israel.The Arab people of Israel-Palestine would, I believe, live and let live if it were not for the oppressive rule of the IOF and the discrimination against Israeli Arabs of which Gideon Levy writes. “Might is right” was not the motto of the Jewish people in the past, and by adopting it nakedly as a policy, the State of Israel is betraying the Jewish search for justice for themselves and for the goyim. Again, my praise for your courage in the face of vituperation and distortion. You have friends, even if we are not the most


Yours sincerely, David Marchesi

Dear Friends, Our thoughts and prayers are with you in your humanitarian an brave act to show solidarity and compassion for the people of Gaza and to break their isolation.

In peace – Shalom. Jane Harries

Good luck on your trip to Gaza, and thanks you for displaying the courage to ignore the taunts and anger of those with so little regard for what is right and just. May all the God’s be with you.

Derek Wharton

Thank you all for sending the boat, rising the awarness and supporting our human rights here to live in peace and happiness

Guy Lougashi, Israel

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته [May the Peace, Mercy and Blessings of God be upon you]


I’ve just learned about this organisation after watching on PressTV that there will be a Jewish Boat that will

be sailing to Gaza from Cyprus to deliver aid!!! I just wanted to say that I think you guys are really amazing and brave for the work you do -it can’t be easy given your background and religious belief. I’m also glad to learn that not all Jews agree to the foreign policies of Israel such as illegal settlements, which I think are more damaging to World Peace than anything..

Keep up the great work!!! With kindest

regards Mohammed

Dear all at JFJFP,

My name is Isabelle and I met some members of your organisation a few years ago when I delivered a day workshop on narrative tools for more efficient campaigning. I was deeply moved and imprssed by the commitment to Justice of all people present. Today I read in the press that some of your members bravely boarded a catamaran towards Gaza and I just wanted to say good luck and thank you: it is not often that one finds messages of hope in the media.

Today I did thanks to you. In solidarity, Isabelle

I read with interest news reports on your latest enterprise to break the seige of gaza. I wholeheartedly support your attempts to find a peaceful just solution to this ongoing conflict between two groups of

people with far more in common than either seem to be willing to admit. I’m not Jewish (I’m a deist whose mother’s family were Hindu whilst my father’s family were Catholic) but would like to help. Is there anything I can do.

On a side note I live in Hampstead NW3. Would any of your members fancy a pint?

sebastian verghese

it is great to see what you are doing, and best wishes for success.

Gene Australia

Friends There is more in my heart than I can find words to express as I write to say that I support and honour you as you respond to the longing for justice that is in our hearts. You honour our common

humanity. You embody the righteousness of which the scriptures speak.

May God bless you and bring your endeavour to fruition.

Tom Patton

Sunderland UK

I congratulate you and wish you all well in this venture. Have courage and don’t let the hate mail get you down! Your vision is in the tradition of the great prophets. With my best wishes and prayers for a

peaceful outcome.

Catherine Dyer

Admiring what you are doing. All the best and safe trip.

With love,

graham sugden

Dear Friends

Please know that you have the support of many right minded people. To stand up and be counted is to be blessed. Well done and know that right will prevail so that Israelis and Palestinians will live in peace. It takes brave men and women to act and not bury their heads in the sand.

Well done Audrey Gray

I send you all my warmest support for your hugely important and brave enterprise. God grant you the courage and the calm you need, and the assurance of success for your mission (and the right weather would help, too…). Whatever happens in the next few days as you approach Gaza, you have already sent your message to the world by setting out.

As a priest I know that symbolic actions can often be more powerful in affecting minds and hearts, than so-called ‘real facts’. I admire you and salute you and assure you of my prayers for the delivery of your

priceless cargo, and for your safe return.

John-Henry Bowden

I would like to send a message of support to my fellow Jews For Justice signatories, it takes a lot of courage to challenge a military superpower in a tiny boat such as the Irene. A courage that the IDF never displays when it is shooting peace activists and keeping a land of one and a half million people on the verge of starvation.

The collective punishment of Gaza degrades the state of Israel and eats away at any moral pretensions it may have left.

Alexei Sayle

I just heard about your voyage via a Facebook contact. My thoughts and wishes are with you for a safe, peaceful and welcoming outcome. I applaud you all and am with you in spirit. Perhaps a boat carrying letters to the people and governments of Israel and Palestine urging them towards the promotion of peace between them from their brothers and sisters throughout the world…Shalom.

Leanne Parks

Greetings !!

The effort is extremely important & that would be an understatement of sorts.

We will circulate the news widely across our Indian & Asian contacts & will help you out regularly with media coordination.

We too are in the process of organizing an Asian ship to Gaza.

Over the last few months we have created the Asian People’s Solidarity for Palestine.

We are traversing the route from India to Turkey by Land & from there by Sea.

We will help you with our contacts & I will put you in directly in touch with all of them, if you so wish.

India, we will handle. But we can do the same in Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Lebanon & Egypt. Actually there are other countries as well.

If you are open to the idea, let me know & then I will send out an appeal to all our friends to coordinate the process with you.

In Solidarity with the Palestinian & Jewish People.


Feroze Mithiborwala (India, Bombay)

Asian People’s Solidarity for Palestine

Asian Coordination Committee

Greetings and best wishes from Better World Links

Norbert, London

Dear cousins

You are great and what you are doing very brave of you, wish to you all success and May Allah save and bless you.

best regards from UK Aberdeen

Kais Mohammed

The Jewish Boat to Gaza is such good news, and inspiring, especially as it draws a clear line of humanity and principle between the Jewish people and those who deny the humanity of the Palestinian people. My friend Rami Elhanan is the embodiment of this, and he’s on board. All power to the Jewish Boat to Gaza.

John Pilger

I am so delighted to read of the superb act of solidarity with the Palestinians, especially those in Gaza.

Please pass on my greetings, and words of encouragement to those on board ~ keeping them in my thoughts and prayers.

God speed

Susan Murphy

Shared Interest Ambassador


May He upon Whom our souls depend reward you for your intentions and make this journey easy for you all. Some of you, I note, are not in the flush of youth,nor yet have its strength, but the wisdom of the aged more often is a greater blessing and a more formidable strength.

May your courage bring all closer to peace and understanding Insha’Allah. With every good wish, wa salaam/shalom.


Shifa Mustapha

I would like to wish the Passengers of “Irene” all the best for their journey. I am deeply moved by this ship, because it is not a simple FREEDOM Flotilla – it is the FLOTILLA OF JEWISH PEOPLE and I can imagine that boat getting closer and closer the Gaza Stripe BRINGING NOT ONLY A SHIP FULL OF SYMBOLS TO GAZA but those Jewish people ARE A SYMBOL BY THEMSELVES.

Thank you and I am full of hope that this Jewish Freedom-Ship shall break the siege.

All the best MY FRIENDS !!!!!!


I’m an Irish Citizen, & so glad that we have people like you,in the world! who have the Courage of their convictions, its people like you who can change the World !

May your God be with you all, on your Boat Journey & your Journey through life.

Maura Hanrahan

This is such a truly amazing thing to do. I am completely awestruck by the bravery and generosity of the people on board this ship – especially in view of the murders by the IDF of the Turkish people who tried the same just months ago. I hope so much that you achieve your aims and arrive safely to Gaza.

Molly Mulready-Jones

Gods blessings you to all for your brave stand on the path of justice. I wish you all well and want you to know that you are in our prayers.

Having been on an overland convoy twice to Gaza and seen for myself the results of injustice we all have a responsibility to take action.

Love and peace.

Mary Starkey

I send you all my best wishes and hope for your safe arrival in Gaza and your safe return home.

You are taking a brave stand in contesting Israel’s criminal blockade of Gaza.

When you get to Gaza you will be overwhelmed by the warmth of the reception you receive as we were in 2008. You will find, as I am sure you already know, that Gazans do not hate Jews. Despite what the Israeli Government and its supporters say, Gazans, like almost every Palestinian I’ve met, understand their enemy is Israel not Jews.

They welcome all their international visitors but they have a particular warmth for Jews, like you, that stand against the murderous actions of Israel.

Mike Cushman

Convenor, Jews for Boycotting Israeli Goods

I admire your thoughts and actions, and wish you well.

Good luck Thank heavens there are people like you in this world

Andrew Willis

My thoughts and prayers are with you all as you begin your journey through hazardous waters to bring hope to the besieged people of Gaza.

Mary Hughes-Thompson

co-founder Free Gaza Movement

I want to express my preoccupation for the safety of the vessel “Irene” which was stopped by the Israeli forces on her way to Gaza.

I hope that all people are of good health, also a good friend  Reuven Moscovitz.

I wish the goods on board the ship IRENE  would reach the GAZA citizens which they need so badly.

I hope for Peace between the Israel and Palestine people.


Steffi Wittenberg

Dear Friends,

Here I am telling You that I am supporting the Crew and You by prayers and good wishes.

Yours Angelika Romeik

Just to wish the crew all the very best for their safe return, and to congratulate Edith Lutz on her brave stance.

This has been a very courageous venture and has shown the world that Israel does not want peace and even treats Jews badly. These deportations make a mockery of the right of return!

Deborah Fink

Dear Members of the participants on “Irene”

Dear Edith,

Dear Members of the Jews for Justice for Palestinians,

medico international schweiz, formerly Centrale Sanitaire Suisse CSS Zurich strongly is shocked about the treatment of the crew on “Irene” through the Israeli Navy and the Authority.

The jewish boat is a symbol for Peace and to overcome the Siege against the Palestinian population in Gaza. The treatment of the participants on our opinion is against their dignity. Personally we know Dr. Edith Lutz, who since many years is a bridge-builder between Jews and Palestinians. So we strongly protest against any condemnation. We are in solidarity with all the participants of the jewish boat and admire their action and courage.

We thank all the organizers of the jewish boat, especially the jfjfp in the UK and some members of the Jewish Voice for a Just Peace in the Middle East, Germany. Thanks also to the European Jews for a just Peace EJJP.

medico international schweiz

formerly Centrale Sanitaire Suisse CSS Zurich

Department Palestine and Israel

Our congratulations to you all! A great action!

Vivienne Porzsolt

Jews against the Occupation Sydney

The Crew taken in and then released by the Israelis had committed a great act of courage. My heart goes out to those Jews seeking Justice for Palestinians. We are eternally grateful to you all for your courage, support and decency. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for that you are doing to help us.

Best wishes, Dr. Faysal Mikdadi

Messages from Twitter:

WorldPeace2Day Many prayers for the International Jews on boat to break Israel’s illegal & inhumane siege on Gaza. Please follow them! @jewishboat2gaza

accidentaltheo@jewishboat2gaza — Such a small boat, such a big task. Be’hatzlacha! May you break the blockade

NadiaBhere @jewishboat2gaza I <3 U for being so brave and standing up for justice! Thank you and best of luck from Sweden.

redhero @jewishboat2gaza good luck and hope you all remain safe. such bravery for a great cause!

katecork@jewishboat2gaza keep sailing to #Gaza!!! we’re all with you xxx #jewishboattogaza

alexbkane@jewishboat2gaza is a heroic effort that makes me proud. Onwards until the siege is broken!

unitascomms Unitas applauds Jews for Justice for Palestinians aid boat to Gaza! @GuardianNews @jewishboat2gaza

BeardedGenius@jewishboat2gaza It’s a brave and beautiful thing you’re doing. You’re doing a great thing for the Palestinians and also for Jews everywhere

YasserBurgan Noble cause indeed. May your journey be safe and successful. @jewishboat2gaza

ship2gazanorway Best of luck to the people onboard the @jewishboat2gaza

theblackrabbit following, thinking of, praying for @jewishboat2gaza It’s a good day to run a blockade today

HYBRID79@jewishboat2gaza thank you for standing up for what is right God is with YOU!

reallykot Hero: @jewishboat2gaza: Reuven Moskovitz, holocaust survivor and member of Jews for Justice For Palestine. On board.

valadon2@jewishboat2gaza Good luck to all of you and many thanks! Will be watching your progess! “Two peoples, One future.”

radio_613 Link 4 Tefillat Haderech (Travellers Prayer) in recognition of @jewishboat2gaza #Palestine #Jewishsolidarity #blessings

Talkoholic @DarthNader yeaps, those guys on @jewishboat2gaza give Judaism good name ! #pride

DarthNader Everybody follow @jewishboat2gaza for the latest news on the newest blockade-busting effort! Give them strength!

Nina_amang we’re with you in spirit. and online :) RT @icblues Support @jewishboat2gaza!

icbluesSupport @jewishboat2gaza!

peace_drum These Jewish people made an effort…@jewishboat2gaza Press Release – Please Urgently forward


NitashaKaul@jewishboat2gaza Bon courage! and thank you!!! Symbols matter, acts like yours are inspiring and essential :)

mdrflMany prayers for International Jews on boat 2break Israel’s illegal &inhumane #Gaza siege. Pls #follow @jewishboat2gaza

UKFPISHAME on UK Gov’t 4 not protecting r brave peace-crew on @JewishBoat2GAZA & SHAME on them 4 collaborating with their #IsraeliTerrorist chums


lissnup Video of IDF troops board Gaza-bound boat #gaza #palestine thankU @jewishboat2gaza

angelaimaan@jewishboat2gaza my prayers are with you all. may goodness & justice prevail

avinunuIsrael’s hijacking of @JewishBoat2Gaza was “nonviolent” the way an armed robbery in which no shots are fired is “nonviolent”

moronwatchIsraeli morons are still holding the Jewish protesters.

danmike1I cannot stand the normality of the gaza #seige and bombing -PPl please stand up and be counted – help ..pls try! Thankyou

LSal92 @jewishboat2gaza be strong, God speed. We are all so proud of you

srichani sail on!!


icblues Pray for the Irene, please!

danmike1@jewishboat2gaza -I know your busy… thankyou for the follow – good luck- glad to see your finally getting the media attention you deserve.

UnderTheBoTree My thoughts and prayers are with @jewishboat2gaza & those who are waiting for aid from this ship.

Nourainn Oh God I don’t think that the Israeli will do it again, they have not right to stop @jewishboat2gaza from going to #Gaza :/

NitashaKaul @jewishboat2gaza Bon courage! and thank you!!! Symbols matter, acts like yours are inspiring and essential :)

hibzyThank you for your efforts.

katecork@jewishboat2gaza woohooo!!!keep sailing! The world is with you

Nourainn lets hope after @jewishboat2gaza gets into gaza it will inspire american Jews to send fleets of ships to end the blockade

jpmontano Remember those at this minute risking their lives to bring aid.

sufehmi WOW – follow @jewishboat2gaza now ! Incredible story of kindness & courage to help the people @ Gaza

Nambassa@jewishboat2gaza solidarity much love & hugs from Nambassa downunder…p

soundhunter@jewishboat2gaza best wishes to you in this intense point in time!

derrickokeefe The world is with you

danmike1Thank you @jewishboat2gaza for getting media attention on the suffering of innocent ppl in gaza

raeabileahMany prayers for the International Jews on boat to break Israel’s illegal & inhumane siege on Gaza. Please follow them! @jewishboat2gaza

0ranj@jewishboat2gaza god speed! per ardua ad astra.

amandaklonsky1@jewishboat2gaza Sending love and solidarity from Chicago. We are with you. shalom, salaam, Amanda Klonsky and family

KhalidAlJaber@jewishboat2gaza god bless you guys. All the best and good luck

icbluesICAHD (Israeli Committee Against Home Demolitions) Supports the Jewish Boat to Gaza

DBaranskiWMy friends are on @JewishBoat2Gaza and I wish them safe passage!

Gripse3@jewishboat2gaza good luck guys! May. God be with you! You have a lot of supporters! You are doing a brave thing! Xx

jakerunshome@jewishboat2gaza Fantastic organisation.

BeeMar89@jewishboat2gaza good night and god bless you all

burgerbuilders@jewishboat2gaza – Thank you for being true children of humanity and showing the rest of us how to do it. We are one.

angelaimaan@jewishboat2gaza hope you have a safe journey. may God protect you all

ajerro@jewishboat2gaza One Small Ship For Gaza One Giant Step For Humankind

SubMedinaThe @JewishBoat2Gaza is so cute: via @Remroum

accidentaltheo@jewishboat2gaza — Such a small boat, such a big task. Be’hatzlacha! May you break the blockade

NadiaBhere@jewishboat2gaza I <3 U for being so brave and standing up for justice! Thank you and best of luck from Sweden

leila_na@jewishboat2gaza went from 20 followers on twitter yesterday to over 400 today. Good job, guys, keep it up

flotillawatch@jewishboat2gaza good luck and hope you all remain safe. such bravery for a great cause!

alexbkane@jewishboat2gaza is a heroic effort that makes me proud. Onwards until the siege is broken!

SubMedinaAnd … @jewishboat2gaza … good luck!

torejohnsen(Humane Jews clashing with colonizing Jews will open world’s eyes)

Talkoholic@shahrzadmo I’m cheerleading @jewishboat2gaza , wish they make it both to Gaza

Talkoholic@lissnup have u checked out @jewishboat2gaza ? I think those guys rock. !!!

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