Red Cross says settlers maced personnel in West Bank

October 26, 2021
Military says it provided first aid to 3 workers, who were surveying damaged Palestinian olive groves near the Yitzhar settlement

Red Cross vehicle in occupied Palestinian territories 

Judah Ari Gross and Times of Israel staff write, “Three Red Cross workers were assaulted on Tuesday by a number of Israeli settlers, who pepper-sprayed them as they surveyed damage done to Palestinian olive groves, the orghanization and the Israel Defense Forces said. IDF troops provided first aid to the Red Cross personnel, according to a military spokesperson. The army said it could not comment further on the incident, as it is a police matter.”

“The International Committee of the Red Cross said staffers “were attacked with pepper spray by Israeli settlers during a joint field visit with Palestinian farmers and IDF officials in the area of Burin town south of Nablus. IDF officials present on the ground escorted ICRC staff to their military base, where they provided first aid.” It added that “this is not the 1st time ICRC staff are aggressed while carrying out their work in the West Bank.” (more…)

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