Palestinians protest Arab normalisation deals with Israel

Palestinians say only Israeli withdrawal from occupied territories can bring Middle East peace after Bahrain, UAE deals

Protest in Gaza City against the agreement between Israel and the UAE & Bahrain

Al Jazeera reports:

Hundreds of Palestinians protested Tuesday in the occupied West Bank and the Gaza Strip, denouncing the Emirati and Bahraini normalisation agreements with Israel as rockets were fired into the country.

The deals, brokered by the United States, were signed on Tuesday at the White House, where Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met Bahraini and Emirati officials.

Clutching Palestinian flags and wearing face masks for protection against the coronavirus, demonstrators rallied in the West Bank cities of Nablus and Hebron and in Gaza. Dozens also took part in a demonstration in Ramallah, home of the Palestinian Authority (PA).  Banners were displayed reading “Treason”, “No to normalisation with the occupier”, and “The agreements of shame”.

UAE and Bahrain sign historic deals in US with Israel

Palestinian demonstrator Emad Essa from Gaza said if people walk through the coastal enclave “you’ll see hundreds of Gazan youth who have lost their legs and got crippled for life for just for merely protesting against the Israeli blockade.  And in the West Bank and Jerusalem, the Israeli bulldozers continue to demolish Palestinian homes and ethnically cleanse the Palestinians out of their villages and cities on a daily basis,” Essa told Al Jazeera.

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