Trump’s “greatest ever plan”. Details leaked, but plan further delayed.

Donald Trump (right) meets with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in the Oval Office of the White House

According to a leak from the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs in mid May, Donald Trump’s “greatest ever plan” (or “deal of the century” if you prefer) to solve the Israel Palestinian conflict was going to be published in early June, after Ramadan. Leaked parts of the plan were published in Israel Hayom, Sheldon Adelson’s right-wing free Israeli newspaper. Now, however, there will only be an economic development “workshop” in Bahrain while the “plan” is under further discussion. No doubt this delay is because the much-hyped support by major Arab governments, especially Saudi Arabia, has failed to materialise. 

JFJFP’s lobby group lobbied heavily against the plan for nearly a year. This writer had hoped the two years’ repeated delays in the plan’s publication meant that Donald Trump was capable of listening to the chorus of advice that his plan to give Israel almost everything, and the Palestinians almost nothing, would only perpetuate the conflict, not resolve it. Two weeks ago, that hope seemed to be dashed but it lives again – at least for now.

The leaked details show that the plan is just as damaging and unjust as first thought two years ago. Most alarming of all would be American approval of the murder of Gaza leaders if they don’t accept the plan, and/or another war on Gaza.

These are the most alarming aspects:

  • Creation of a state called “New Palestine”
  • Israeli sovereignty and control over all five settlement blocs, without details of how much land would be included
  • Israeli sovereignty and control over all all of Jerusalem, although part of Jerusalem will be the capital of New Palestine
  • The US to eliminate all aid to Palestinians if the PLO doesn’t accept the plan
  • A raised road between Gaza and the West Bank
  • If the PLO does accept but the government of Gaza does not accept, the US will support Israel in attacking Gaza and assassinating leaders in Gaza.

Other aspects:

  • Billions of dollars will be poured down the throats of New Palestine for economic development
  • The US will eliminate all aid to Israel if the Israeli government doesn’t accept the plan, but could anyone imagine Netanyahu’s government not accepting such a plan?

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The JFJFP Lobby Group will use this further delay to renew its lobbying against the plan.

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