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undercover Israeli soldier drags Palestinian away

Tell the Foreign Secretary you protest against this government’s shameful vote on the occupation at the Human Rights Council. Tell him that, next time, we expect the UK to support accountability under international law and to condemn settlement activity. If you aren’t a signatory of JFJFP, write as a Supporter.

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subject heading: Human Rights Council, for attention of Foreign Secretary

Dear Foreign Secretary,

I am dismayed by the UK’s actions at the United Nations Human Rights Council last week. It is shameful that the UK did not vote for all four resolutions in recurring Agenda Item 7, which justly criticise Israel’s policies that contravene international law in the occupied Palestinian Territories.

I can see no valid reason why your government voted against the resolution to hold Israel accountable for violations of international law. Nor can I accept the HCR’s work to create a blacklist of companies that trade with Israeli settlements as a valid justification for abstaining from the resolution recommending that Israel take immediate action to cease settlement activity. Since settlements are illegal under international law, it follows that companies doing business with them are supporting the continued breaking of international law. I do not understand how your government can fail to condemn that.

I hope that your government will vote in favour of all parts of Agenda Item 7 at the next meeting of the Human Rights Council.

Yours sincerely,


Signatory of Jews for Justice for Palestinians

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