JJP lobbies Philippa Whitford, Scottish National Party MP

In July 2023 JJP lobbied Dr. Whitford about the changing attitude of the British United Nations delegation and about how best to influence SNP MPs.

Our letter to Dr. Whitford is below:

20 July 2023

Dear Dr. Whitford,

We are writing to request a meeting about two aspects of the UK’s attitude to the Israeli occupation and Palestinian rights.

First, we would like to know about the current attitude of the UK’s United Nations delegations to the occupation and Palestinian rights. I was a guest at the Balfour Project’s 2023 annual conference where you were a speaker. Among other comments, I think you said the UK delegations are now failing to criticise Israeli policies or support Palestinian rights, and indeed are obstructing efforts by other delegations to hold Israel to account for its actions. That is very disturbing considering the leading role the UK delegation played in crafting and passing Security Council Resolution 2334 in December 2016.

Second, we would like to know how we can best try to influence the SNP to support Palestinian rights and hold Israel to account for its actions.

I hope to hear from shortly to arrange a meeting.

Yours sincerely,

Arthur Goodman

Parliamentary and Diplomatic Officer

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