52 Palestinians killed today, 14 May, more than 2,000 wounded.

Palestinian protestors watch tear gas and billowing smoke near border fence

The total killed in the seven demonstrations is now nearly 100 . We have written to the Foreign Secretary again today. Help us again by e-mailing the Foreign Secretary yourself. Use our letter as a model or just e-mail in support. The more support we have, the more effective we will be. This time, e-mail to: fcocorrespondence@fco.gov.uk

Here is our letter

14 May 2018

Rt. Hon., Boris Johnson

Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs

Alistair Burt,

Minister of State for the Middle East

Dear Mr. Johnson and Mr. Burt,

I write further to my letter of 9 May (also attached for ease of reference). At time of finishing this letter, 37 Palestinians have been reported killed and 1,600 wounded by Israeli forces in today’s demonstrations. Everything I said in my previous letter applies today, but I now ask you consider this issue in terms of simple humanity.

What, exactly, are an occupied people meant to do when the occupier makes it perfectly clear by its policies of settlement and repression that it has no intention of allowing them to exercise their right to self-determination, much less ending the occupation ? This occupation, and he expansion of settlements, has been ongoing for 51 years, and the siege of Gaza for 11 years.

The international community has said countless times that it is illegal, unjust and must end, the last time in Security Council Resolution 2334 in December 2017. Prime Minister Netanyahu’s governments, in power since 2009 and now supported by Donald Trump, have steadfastly ignored what President John F. Kennedy rightly called the “decent opinions of mankind”.

What would you do if you were a young Palestinian, imprisoned in Gaza ?

We ask you to raise these issues unambiguously in the House at the earliest opportunity to send a clear message to the Israeli government that its attitude of being above the law will no longer be tolerated.

Yours sincerely,

Arthur Goodman,
Parliamentary and Diplomatic Liaison Officer

Jews for Justice for Palestinians, London

Also, come to the emergency protest 

Emergency Protest – Gaza: Stop the Massacre

Tuesday 15 May – 5.30pm to 7pm

Opposite Downing Street, Whitehall, London 

At the last count, Israel killed 52 Palestinian protesters with live fire in Gaza today. Palestinians are protesting 70 years of Nakba, for the siege to be lifted, for an end to the Occupation and for their right of return to be recognised, on the day the US are moving their embassy to Jerusalem. Please all come.  Stand with the people of Gaza in their hour of need.

Called by: Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Friends of Al-Aqsa, Palestinian Forum in Britain, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, Stop the War Coalition, Olive, Europal Forum.

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