Palestine in Pictures: November 2018

A monthly roundup of photographs documenting Palestine, Palestinian life, politics and culture, and international solidarity with Palestine.

A Palestinian woman observes the damage from Israeli bombardment three days earlier, Gaza City, 15 November.

From The Electronic Intifida:

Twenty-two Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip were killed by Israeli fire during the month of November.

Around 290 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli occupation forces since the beginning of the year. Twelve Israelis were slain by Palestinians during the same period, as well as a Palestinian from the West Bank killed by a rocket fired from Gaza.

Some 180 Palestinians have been shot dead and nearly 6,000 others injured by live fire during Great March of Return protests in Gaza.

Fourteen of those Palestinians killed by occupation forces during November were slain over more than 48 hours of intense hostilities across the Gaza-Israel boundary. The fighting was triggered by a gun battle that erupted when Hamas forces discovered an Israeli commando unit operating clandestinely in Gaza on 11 November. Seven Hamas fighters and an Israeli lieutenant colonel were killed during the initial confrontation.

Before an informal ceasefire was reached on 13 November, Palestinian groups in Gaza launched more than 400 rockets towards Israel, killing Mahmoud Abu Asba, a Palestinian man from the West Bank in a home in Ashkelon, and severely injuring an Israeli woman.

An Israeli soldier was seriously injured when fighters in Gaza hit an army bus with an anti-tank missile soon after the soldiers it was carrying had disembarked.

The Israeli military struck sites throughout Gaza, killing seven Palestinians, at least two of them civilians, and destroying 33 housing units, including apartment towers, as well as a multi-story building housing a television channel.

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