Open letter to the Board of Deputies

January 28, 2011
Richard Kuper


We support two states

Petition opened on January 21, 2011

Last week the Board of Deputies of British Jews – the elected representative body of our community – voted down a resolution declaring support for a two- state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. If you support Israel and support the two-state solution, please add your name to this open letter to the President of the Board of Deputies, Vivian Wineman.

Dear Vivian,

We write as Jews who love Israel, who want to see the state and its people survive and thrive. We believe that the best hope for Israel’s future peace and security is two states – Israel and Palestine – living alongside each other.

Polls show that this has long been the majority position of both the Israeli and Palestinian peoples, of the entire international community and indeed, according to last year’s JPR survey of British Jewry itself.

We hope the Board of Deputies reconsiders its decision and reaffirms its support for the two-state solution, which we believe offers the only realistic prospect of peace.


Hannah Weisfeld and the undersigned

(at the time of posting there were 1008 signatories)

Statement: Board Meeting 16 January 2011: Israel Debate

The Board’s Constitution declares that the Board shall “take such appropriate action as lies within its power to advance Israel’s security, welfare and standing”. The Board’s policy is unchanged and it remains unwavering in its support for Israel. The Board completely stands behind the quest of Israel for a just and lasting negotiated peace and in particular behind the courageous stand of the present government as formulated by Prime Minister Netanyahu.

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