Nation-state law to be included in Israeli high school curriculum

Protest against the ‘Jewish Nation-State law’ August  2018

The Times of Israel reports:

Israel’s contentious nation-state law will be included in the national high school civics curriculum for the upcoming academic year, and will be one of the compulsory topics in the matriculation exam for graduating seniors, Channel 13 reported Thursday.

“Students will internalize the vision for the country, which includes Israel being the state of the Jewish people,” the Education Ministry said in its directive, according to the TV report.

The passage of the quasi-constitutional nation-state law last year enshrined Israel as the exclusive nation-state of the Jewish people, drawing protests from Druze and Arab minorities who said the legislation created official discrimination between Jews and non-Jews.

According to the report, teachers were told the topic could trigger “emotional difficulties” among students in certain communities.

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