London May 14: Demonstrate against siege of Gaza

May 10, 2011
Sarah Benton
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Bust the Blockade with Barenboim!
Join us in London on May 14th to demonstrate against the siege of Gaza.

Assemble 12 noon opposite Downing Street on Whitehall

JfJfP will be assembling with the banner outside Westminster tube station at 11.50

The news this week that Daniel Barenboim gave a concert in Gaza ( should be all the prompting we need. JfJfP signatories can show they share the opinion of the Israeli neighbours of Gaza who, just a few days ago, called for an end to military intervention and for a genuine start to dialogue ( They see that “Ordinary citizens in Gaza are suffering.” They demanded “opportunities for lives of dignity for our neighbours, and for us.”

With Egyptians’ help, the Palestinians have negotiated an agreement for a unity government in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. The Egyptians have moved towards the opening of the Rafah crossing. They have also sponsored the concert where Barenboim was joined by many European musicians.

As Palestinians in Gaza and Israelis around Sderot know, the blockade of Gaza serves only the interests of those bent on frustrating a just peace between Israel and the Palestinians. The blockade is a collective, unreasonable and inhumane punishment locking both peoples into a cycle of violence.

Netanyahu, Lieberman and those around them have rebuffed one initiative for peace after another. Netanyahu now has the bare-faced cheek to tell the Palestinian Authority that they must choose between peace and Hamas (, when it is clear to all, including the European Union and the United Nations, that he is talking self-justifying, dangerous nonsense which, in the end, will not benefit Israelis or Palestinians. No-one of good will wants to see a Cast Lead Mark 2 but that’s where the policies of Netanyahu and Lieberman are leading.

Saturday 14th May is a perfectly-timed opportunity for those who wish to see a just resolution of the long conflict to put their feet on the ground. Stand with us to call for an end to the siege on Gaza.

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