Knesset in uproar as Arab MK Hanin Zoabi tries to speak

June 3, 2010
Richard Kuper

knesset-debateHere are some extracts from the Knesset channel on TV, on YouTube.

The video is in Hebrew, but some extracts are translated below:

[See also Fundamentalist Israeli Legislators Interrupt Arab MK’s Speech, Call For Deporting Her To Gaza, a report of the debate by the International Middle East Media Centre]

From podium:
– we need to vomit her from this Knesset, she’s here to represent Hamas, Jihad (MK Eli Aflalu, Kadima opposition)
voiceover: knesset security people escorted MK Zuabi before and after the debate in the Knesset for fear of someone trying to beat her
– the blood of those who died – you are the one who murdered them (MK Julia Shamalov-Berkowitz, Kadima opposition)
– I will say this in Arabic if I can: go to Gaza traitor (in Arabic), a traitor, that what she is, we don’t need traitors here in the knesset (MK Miri Regev, Likud coalition)
Voiceover: not only about the flotilla, also beneath the belt:
– one week in gaza we will see what will happen to you, a single 38-year-old woman woman in gaza we will see how they treat you (MK Yohanan Plessner Likud coalition)
Tall woman trying to attack Zuabi and evicted is Anastasia Michaeli of Israel Beiteinu (Lieberman’s party, coalition)
to camera:
-Anastasia Michaeli to camera: we should not let a traitor talk in the knesset. we are a democratic country but there is a limit and we must not let a traitor talk and present the position of the terrorist organisations
the people restrained and taken out of the knesset after this bit are Arab MKs Jamal Zakhalka (Balad) and Muhammad Barakeh (Hadash/socialists)
voiceover: today we reached a new climax in the Israel-Palestinian conflict: we almost came to blows in the knesset assembly.
next to be evicted Jewish MK Hasson of Kadima (later in the hall again)
more from podium:
– gilad shalit is in the hands of those you (plural) represent and you didn’t do a thing – bastards (MK Rotem of Israel Beiteinu)
– Jewish MK Ilan Gil’on of Left party Meretz against the right wing crowd: you are crazy you’ve gone out of your minds, irresponsible
voiceover: the Arab MKs defended Zuabi and the mood got even hotter
from podium
– Arab MK Zahalka: listen to me well: MK Zuabi deserves a (military) decoration for two reasons. one that she fulfilled her moral and political duty (interruption from jewish MK Ben Ari: she will get Hamas award) against the siege on Gaza. (interruption by jewish MK Shamalov-Berkowitz).
voiceover: when MK Zuabi got on the podium to talk, the MKs simply didn’t let her do so.
-Zuabi: I will say every word that I want to say.
-Rivlin, chair of knesset: from this moment no interjections. let her talk. the power of democracy is in our ability to hear. believe me, i have been in this house for longer than you. this is an emergency hour for the knesset. the knesset must be able to complete its debates.
voiceover: one after the other the MKs were evicted from the hall.
5 MKs evicted.
Rivlin: go outside, calm down, show them where the coffee is outside. take your time to calm down.
As Zuabi leaves the podium, calls: traitor, traitor.
voiceover: the debate was cut short. Zuabi, who kept her cool (‘facon’) throughout the debate, could even be seen to shed a small tear. a rift was torn between the Arab and Jewish MKs. it is doubtful if anyone will say hello in the corridors of the knesset when he next sees her.
From podium:
-Arieh Eldad (National Union): The blue and white flag is yours. You are in the Jewish state even if your bowels turn. the hatikva is your national anthem even if your heart twists/is aghast. And if you don’t like it – drink the sea of Gaza.
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