Israel’s Labour Party quietly hemorrhages support

March 11, 2018
Arthur Goodman
Despite Netanyahu's legal troubles, Labour cannot make headway

Avi Gabbay, Labour leader

Mazal Mualem, in Al Monitor, writes, “Labor Chairman Avi Gabbay is currently visiting Washington on the occasion of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee’s (AIPAC) annual conference. Gabbay’s tweet, directly from Capitol Hill, could not have better demonstrated the difference between his peaceful sojourn in Washington and the warfare waiting for him in Israel.”

Gabbay tweeted about a successful meeting he held with Sen. Dick Durban, the Democratic whip from Illinois. “An important meeting for continued cooperation with the Democratic delegate for support for Israel,” Gabbay wrote, attaching a photo of the two in the midst of conversation. but the hemorrhaging Labor Party he will return to will soon snap him back to reality. As he was preparing for his speech at AIPAC, Channel 10 published a disastrous poll for the Zionist Camp (of which Labor is the largest partner), predicting 12 mandates for the list if elections were to be held now — half of its power today.” (read more)

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