Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territories

PCHR Weekly Report for July 29 – August 12, 2020 SUMMARY

A mother at her son’s funeral

IMEMC article, August 14, 2020

Israeli forces continued to commit crimes and multi-faceted violations against Palestinian civilians and their properties, including raids into Palestinian cities that are characterized with excessive use of force, assault, abuse and attacks on civilians. Israeli forces did not restrict its attacks during the days Palestinian Muslims celebrated Eid al-Adha holiday. During the reporting period, Israeli forces killed a Palestinian woman and wounded 19 others across the West Bank.

PCHR asserts that Israeli forces used excessive and lethal force when they withdrew from the area without the presence of any threat or danger to soldiers’ lives. This falls within the shoot first and justify later policy that the occupation forces have consistently implemented against Palestinian civilians. Furthermore, Israeli warplanes launched several airstrikes against the Gaza Strip, while they mainly bombarded agricultural lands that did not render human loss, the airstrikes terrorized and frightened the civilian population in targeted areas.

Ever since announcing its plans to annex West Bank territories, Israeli forces have continued systematic demolitions and land razing, establishing roads for settlements in an accelerated manner. The past two weeks witnessed wide-scale demolitions of houses and agricultural lands in the West Bank.

This week, PCHR documented 303 violations of international human rights law and international humanitarian law (IHL) by Israeli forces and settlers in the oPt. It should be noted that the limitations due to the corona virus pandemic, including closure of certain territories, has limited PCHR’s fieldworkers mobility and ability to conduct field documentation; therefore, the information documented in this report are only part of the continued violations.

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