I'm here because of Jewish history, not despite it

August 13, 2014
Sarah Benton

Speech of Barnaby Raine at mass rally for Gaza Click headline to listen.

19 year old student Barnaby gives a stonking speech on why he’s proud to be Jewish protesting against the massacre of Gazans. Don’t let the media tell us that being against Israel’s atrocities, and the Israeli State occupation of Palestine is antisemitic.

Youtube, August 09, 2014


I am proud to stand here today as a Jewish boy from north London in solidarity with the people of GAza.

The lesson of the holocaust is not that some lives are worth more than others .. the lesson of the holocaust is that crimes are perpetrated when people forget that we are all human beings.

So I’m not here today despite Jewish history. I’m here because of Jewish history.

The BBC talks about a conflict in Gaza. That is grotesque. It is not a conflict when the world’s 4th largest military power blockades, besieges and imprisons a stateless people who have no army of their own. …

Is it a conflict When Israel bombs people in their homes and sick patients in their hospital beds, is that a conflict? NOOOOOO!

No no no BBC, this is not conflict. This is a massacre!

Inaction in the face of this scale of injustice is criminal so we’ve got to send a message to our government today:Stop arming Israel!

Let’s put sanctions on Israel till this barbarism ends!’

Today people from all over the world come together and say in their millions ‘We are all Palestinians’.

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