Gaza company using 3D printing to fight coronavirus

engineer uses Gaza's limited resources creatively to produce much-needed equipment

Mohammed Abu Matar sits with a 3D printer at the Islamic University of Gaza

Tamam Mohsen writes in Al Monitor, “While the entire world fights the spread of the novel coronavirus, some pioneering, creative ideas are emerging to support these efforts. In the Gaza Strip, engineer Mohammed Abu Matar and his team at Tashkeel 3D are using 3D printing technology to produce medical equipment needed to confront the pandemic.”

“Abu Matar, a specialist in digital manufacturing and 3D printing, told Al-Monitor, “As the pandemic spread, we couldn’t stand idly by, so we initiated a search for creative ideas that support efforts to fight the coronavirus because that’s our social responsibility.” He added, “We searched within the open source communities on social media where ideas are exchanged on ways to fight the coronavirus, and we focused on those that can be applied in the Gaza Strip based on our available resources.”

“The team has produced several different types of equipment, including the protective respirator face masks that front-line medical workers wear, which it is selling for about $6 apiece. The firm is also producing devices that allow two patients to use one ventilator. Abu Matar’s company, which he co-founded in 2016, works in cooperation with the Ministry of Health in Gaza to provide it with the equipment.”…

“Abu Matar noted that 3D printing can be used to fill gaps in the health sector, but he stressed that it is not an easy task and warned against random printing in the medical field. The effort requires precision and scientific construction, and the supervision of specialist doctors and equipment experts to guarantee accuracy and effectiveness, he said. Abu Matar also emphasized that the printing process must be conducted in cooperation with the Gaza Health Ministry.” (more…)

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