JJP welcomes the Jerusalem Declaration on Antisemitism

The Jerusalem Declaration on Antisemitism has been created to counter the faulty, biased IHRA “Working Definition” of Antisemitism. The framers are an international group of eminent academics in the fields of antisemitism studies, holocaust studies, racism, history, Jewish Studies and philosophy. The Declaration is endorsed by more than 200 scholars, many European.

We could disagree with some of its formulations, but the Declaration is a sound and fair-minded document. It differentiates logically between legitimate criticism of Israel and antisemitism. It also supports the legitimacy of BDS activity and anti-Zionism.

The huge political significance of the Declaration is that it comes from a progressive but not radical group. That creates a much better chance of it being adopted by political establishments than definitions created by radical groups such as JJP, sound though they may be.

Jerusalem Declaration website here,

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