Coronavirus patient, 34, jumps out of hospital window

Mental health authorities report a spike in tension and stress as Israelis across the country shelter in place during the COVID-19 pandemic

Poriya Hospital in Tiberias

Times of Israel reports, “A COVID-19 patient attempted to escape a coronavirus ward at Tiberias’s Poriya Hospital by jumping out of a third-floor window on Tuesday. According to reports, the patient, an unidentified 34-year old male, was in mild condition prior to his jump, which resulted in serious injuries that will require surgery. He was initially admitted to the hospital following a period of quarantine and had spoken to social workers several times, Channel 12 reported.”

“We are repeatedly alerted to the serious mental consequences that may occur following the outbreak of the virus,” Dr. Zvi Fishel, head of the Israel Psychiatric Association, said in a statement carried by the network. Fishel urged the government to come up with a coordinated response to the potential widespread mental health issues caused by the pandemic and the consequent social distancing regulations, which have seen many Israelis holed up in their homes for weeks.” (more…)


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