Factsheet 3


Factsheet 3

Veolia Environmental Services supports Israel’s violation of international law through its profits

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Independent of their complicity in Israel’s violations of international law as a part of the one commercial entity Veolia, the company’s subsidiaries such as Veolia Environmental Services (UK) support Israel’s illegal settlements in another way, through their profits.

These profits become part of the income of the parent company Veolia Environnement.  Veolia Environnement uses some of this income to provide its subsidiaries with services that assist their operations.

In the case of the subsidiary Veolia Transport Israel, these operations include tram and discriminatory bus services linking illegal settlements to Israel.  In the case of Veolia Environmental Services Israel these operations include taking rubbish from illegal settlements and rubbish from Israel and dumping it in occupied territory.

The support Veolia Environnement provides its subsidiaries is varied; it includes, for instance, purchasing services as described in its purchasing charter and many others. Thus, through the allocation of its profits to a parent company that makes use of them in support of illegal settlements, Veolia Environmental Services (UK) shares in responsibility for supporting the violation of international law that Israel’s illegal settlements represent.  Veolia Environmental Services (UK), through the medium of its profits, is complicit in Israel’s violations of international law.  Such complicity clearly comprises grave misconduct and provides ample grounds for excluding Veolia Environmental Services from contracts under article 23(4)(e) of the Public Contract Regulations.

If Veolia Environmental  Services (UK)  is awarded public contracts, taxpayers’ money will go via the parent company Veolia Environnement to support Israel’s illegal settlements and finance perpetuation of Israel’s war crimes.


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