Bill to disperse Knesset, set new elections for March 2, filed in Knesset

December 10, 2019
Legislation to set third national vote in under a year must pass four readings in parliament by midnight Wednesday

Israeli parliament on the opening of the 22nd Knesset

Jacob Magid writes in Times of Israel, “A bill for new elections was presented in the Knesset Tuesday by lawmakers from both major parties, Likud and Blue and White, signaling an ignominious end to the short-lived 22nd Knesset.  The legislation sets the date of the next general election at March 2, 2020, marking an unprecedented third election within 11 months, after the last two votes on April 9 and September 17.”

“The bill was drafted by Blue and White lawmakers Avi Nissenkorn, Meir Cohen and Tzvi Hauser, together with Likud’s MKs Miki Zohar and Shlomo Karai. Following the filing of the bill, Blue and White chief Benny Gantz said there was still time to avoid “costly and unnecessary” elections. He said his party was “making every effort” to form a government without giving up its principles.”

Blue and White party party members Gabi Ashkenazi and Avi Nissankoren

“He also called on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to announce he would not seek parliamentary immunity. As you promised before the previous election, do not hide behind parliamentary immunity, and go defend your innocence in court,” Gantz said in a video statement. “You have the full right to protect yourself but you must not make the Knesset a safe haven for criminals” (more…)

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