Arabs Raus!

December 16, 2010
Richard Kuper


Jerusalem’s Pisgat Ze’ev: Arabs Raus!

Richard Silverstein, 16 December 2010

Pisgat Ze’ev, named for rightist Revisionist leader Zeev Jabotinsky, knows how to handle Arabs.  Just take it from Moshe Ben Zikri, recently elected “community adminstrator” (in Chicago he’d be called the ward boss or council leader) for the neighborhood.  His most critical task: fighting the Arab menace, the campaign to take control of the community from its rightful Jewish residents.  How will he do this?  By levying a hefty $30,000 fine on any resident who sells an apartment to an unapproved tenant.  Who approves?  The Jewish residents, of course.

Among Ben Zikri’s convictions: that there is an Arab “fire” (yes, it appears the Carmel fire has become the reference du jour in the Israeli press) consuming Pisgat Ze’ev.  His goal?  To keep the neighborhood Jewish.  That means, Arabs raus.  Local Jewish hoodlums burned down Palestinian stores and beat up mixed couples who met there or just plain Arab teenagers who wanted to go to the mall.  Ben Zikri, of course, denies any connection to such violence.  It’s all good Germans, er Jews taking matters into their own hands without any direction from him.  The Shabak however, may disagree, since it summoned him for a chat a few months ago.

That seems not to have prevented residents from awarding four of the nine local council seats to Zikari’s faction, which won him the top job.  This means he is an elected official with a government budget representing the citizens of not just his neighborhood, but all of Jerusalem and by extension, Israel.  It would be as if David Duke actually won that election when he ran for governor of Louisiana.

How did the good Kahanist win?

I told them the truth.  That our enemies are taking control.  Our girls are falling into their snares.  And good residents are simply leaving when they discover they have an Arab neighbor.

For some history: in 2004, Israeli built the Separation Wall to separate Pisgat Ze’ev from the West Bank.  As a result, East Jerusalem Palestinian residents found the neighborhood a desirable one and moved in in numbers.  This is the alien influx that worries Herr Ben Zikri so, who estimates their are currently 550 Arab families polluting the Jewish gene pool:

The come here with the goal of conquering us from within.  This might take the form of crime. or perhaps just the “taking” of our women.  Then they make war against us.  People sell their apartments to Arabs and that’s how they’ll take over building by building.  Our goal is to keep the neighborhood Jewish so our girls won’t find themselves married and living in the [Arab] villages across the Shuafat highway.

He plans to force residents to sign a legal document that ensures that owners cannot sell to an unapproved buyer, otherwise they are subject to the fine. All nice and legal according to him.  Isn’t it nice when you can exploit the law to enforce Kahanist/Nazi-type notions of racial purity like this?

H/t Ofer Neiman.

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