Arab sector seeks to escalate anti-violence protests

October 10, 2019

A protest against police inaction in the Arab-Israeli community in Nazareth, 3 October 2019

Hassan Shaalan reports in YNET News:

Thousands have taken to the street in recent days to demonstrate against the government’s lack of action as violence spirals in their communities; “If nothing is done, we’ll take the law into our own hands,” warns one protester
Israel’s Arab citizens intend to step up last week’s protests against the lack of police and government response to the recent rise in violence in their communities.

The protestors are demanding an escalation of the demonstrations including blocking roads around the country until the government takes action against the wave of violence that has claimed the lives of 68 members of the community since the start of 2019.

We’re still in a state of emergency,” says Sana Masarwa from Wadi Ara. “We can’t let up until the police find some sort of solution; we need to take to the streets and block roads every day until the police arrests the criminals and shooters.”

A resident of a central Israel concentration of Arab towns known as “the Little Triangle,” who preferred to remain anonymous, says: “My friends and I decided not to return to our homes as usual, the police needs to know that it’s a part of the problem with its lack of deterrence and letting criminals run free.”

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