After defeat in key vote, Likud whip concedes Netanyahu won’t form government

April 20, 2021
At inaugural session of Arrangements Committee, Miki Zohar says Likud chief will lead right-wing parties into opposition, ‘heads held high’; adjourns panel after losing first vote


Likud MK Miki Zohar 

Times of Israel staff write, “Hours after his Likud party suffered a stinging surprise defeat in a Knesset vote on forming a key committee, the party’s faction chief, MK Miki Zohar, said that the party now realizes that it will be heading into the opposition, rather than forming a government. As he chaired a first meeting of the Arrangements Committee, Zohar said, “We understand and internalize that we are on the way to the opposition.”

““[Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu will lead the opposition,” he said. “We will go with our heads held high.” Directing his remarks at opposition lawmakers, Zohar added, “Believe me, you won’t have an easy time with us.”

“MK Ze’ev Elkin, a former confidant of Netanyahu who nonetheless left the party ahead of the March elections to join the rival New Hope, which is committed to replacing the prime minister, responded by questioning whether Netanyahu was of the same opinion as Zohar. “It is interesting to know what they will say at Balfour,” he tweeted, referring to the Jerusalem street where the prime minister’s official residence is located. “It seems to me that this will not be Miki Zohar’s day.”

“Some Likud figures have suggested to Netanyahu that he already tell President Reuven Rivlin he is giving up efforts to form a coalition, despite having another 15 days to complete the task, Channel 12 reported.” (more,,,)

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