Walk the Green Line

December 9, 2009
Richard Kuper

ipcriMay 24 – 27, 2010

What is Walk the Green Line?
Walk the Green Line is…..
Your opportunity to experience what the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is all about.
Your opportunity to meet with Israeli and Palestinian peacemakers.
Your chance to take a stand on the solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
Your moment to make a real contribution towards peace making.

You can make a difference.
You can participate in a hands-on experience that will translate your values into practice.

Walk the green line is for you!

On May 24-26, 2010 you can participate in a three-day experience that will also make a direct contribution towards supporting the efforts of Israelis and Palestinians who are working for peace. Walk the green line is a fundraising walk-a-thon in which your participation and personal experience makes a contribution to peacemaking.


The purpose of the Walk the Green Line event is to mark the urgently needed decision to partition Israel/Palestine into 2 states – one for the Jewish people and one for the Palestinian people.  Israelis, Palestinians and international participants will spend three days trekking and traveling along the route of the Green Line demarcating the border between Israeli and Palestinian territory. This is a political act that will be publicized in Israel, Palestine and the world and will draw attention to the urgent need to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on the basis of two states for two peoples.

IPCRI – the Israel/Palestine Center for Research and Information, a joint Israeli-Palestinian peace center and think-tank, located in Jerusalem, is using the Walk the Green Line event as a fundraiser to support the work of bringing Israelis and Palestinians together in people-to-people programs that advance peace.
Walk the Green Line is a “walk-a-thon” fundraiser for IPCRI. Participants will join the Walk the Green Line event with sponsors backing their participation.  Each participant will be required to raise 2,000 € or $2,500 plus their airfare to Israel/Palestine. Sponsors may be friends, family, work colleagues, neighbors, churches or synagogues, etc.
Walk the Green Line enables you to take part in a political event, have a unique and intriguing experience and make a real contribution to one of the most important peace making organizations in Israel/Palestine.
What does the program include?

Three days of hiking along the green line with a professional guide (about 10 kilomters per day hiking – the rest by bus)
Meetings with Israeli and Palestinian political and civil society leaders
Meeting with Israeli and Palestinian peace workers and NGOs
Political briefings
Discussions and debates on the political, security, environmental, and economic situation



Gershon Baskin, Ph.D.  and Mr. Hanna Siniora, Co-CEO, IPCRI
Israel/Palestine Center for Research and Information
P.O. Box 9321, Jerusalem 91092
Tel: +972-2-676-9460 Fax: +972-2-676-8011
Cellphone: +972-(0)52-238-1715

“There is a virtual consensus across the international community not just as to what needs to happen, but how…which was not the case a couple of years ago,” Tony Blair
“The Security Council reiterates its commitment to the irreversibility of the bilateral negotiations built upon previous agreements and obligations. The Council reiterates its call for renewed and urgent efforts by the parties and the
international community to achieve a comprehensive, just and lasting peace in the Middle East, based on the vision of a region where two democratic States, Israel and Palestine, live side by side in peace within secure and recognized borders.”
UN Security Council President speaking on behalf of the Council, May 11, 2009

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