Viva Palestina

November 8, 2009
Richard Kuper


The next convoy to Gaza leaves on the weekend of 5 and 6 December

Your questions about the convoy answered

Viva Palestina is registered as a Charity in the UK (number 1129092) with the following purposes

1. Provision from the UK of food, medicine and essential goods and services needed by the civilian population

2. Highlighting the causes and results of wars with a view to achieving

Viva Palestina goes international – D-day 5 December

Some extracts from the Viva Palestina website

“Friday 16th October saw the launch of the Gloucester communities’ campaign to hopefully send 2 or maybe more ambulances by road to Gaza. Campaign organisers hope that the vehicles will leave from London on December 5th 2009 with the main Viva Palestina convoy…”

“Over two hundred people packed into the main hall of the Bristol Council House on Monday evening (28th September) to launch the Bristol-Gaza-Link Association…”

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