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January 10, 2010
Richard Kuper

Refusenik and social activist Rotem Dan Mor

Jerusalem Reality Tours

Come and See the Real Jerusalem…

Reality Tours introduce you to some of the key social realities of Jerusalem’s rich and diverse communities while allowing you to experience first-hand its beautiful places, stories, cultures and people.

[For more on Rotem see Sarah Price’s Refusing the occupation: an interview with Rotem Mor, The Electronic Intifada, 13 October 2010]

This week we will be running our regular Wednesday Jerusalem Reality Tours:

1. Silwan/City of David:

Come and discover the ancient roots of the city and the present day realities of Silwan Starting 9:00 a.m Zion
Gate 120/80 NIS

2. Jerusalem/Al-Quds Borderline tour:

Walk along the 1967 border of Jerusalem from Musrara to Sheikh Jerah, learn of its history and witness its present day realities.
Starting 14:00  New Gate cafe 120/80 NIS

For more info about the tours and activities log onto my website:

For a calender of upcoming tours

Please feel free and encouraged to come and spread amongst all your friends.

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