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P to P is a joint project between The Wide World Organization from Holland and The Lighting Candles Organization from Palestine. P to P is working as social, educational and informal utility between the Palestinian community and the international community.

Aims of the project:

  • Getting as many internationals to visit Palestine and volunteer in the local organizations.
  • Improving the connections between internationals and locals and facilitating their life in Palestine.
  • Widening the voluntary work circuit in the Palestinian organizations and working with more new and small organization to give better services.
  • Establishing a data base about volunteers and organizations in order to create better quality of benefit for both of them as to link between what are the needs of each.
  • Getting closer point of view at the life in Palestine and supporting the social and cultural exchange.
  • Improving the advocacy work about Palestine in the international world as to make it more attractive to visit Palestine than it is a conflict area, while the main aim depends on the cultural side of the life in Palestine.
  • Supporting the alternative tourism and going inside the Palestinian cities, villages and refugee camps.
  • Making programs that can get more internationals to visit, stay and volunteer in Palestine.
  • Encouraging the Palestinian families to welcome and host more internationals in their homes as to go on better with the cultural exchange and to give different experience for the internationals themselves in their staying in Palestine.
  • Building a wide network of organizations on the international and the local levels.

Fields of work:

  • On the local side P to P will work in all of the cities villages and refugee camps depending on the needs and the will of the visitors, including all what it has from information, heritage, families and organizations.
  • On the international side, the P to P will try to widen its field to reach as many internationals as possible.

Way of work:

  • Advertising especially on the internet.
  • Training local and international guides and facilitators to help the new arriving internationals.

About The Lighting Candles Organization

LCO is a Palestinian, non-governmental, non-profitable organization, working to promote democratic values, constitutional rights, sustainable development, building youth abilities and least but not last, awareness in the Holy Land through cultural, artistic activities and other events.  LCO is officially registered with the Palestinian Ministry of Interior as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Registration number BL-483-S, 23/4/06.

The LCO was established in the crossing point of Doha, Al Khader and Deheisha refugee camp (suburb area of Bethlehem that counts around 35 thousand inhabitants) in November 2005 by a group of Palestinian youth from Bethlehem and depends primarily on its team of volunteers. LCO has got expertise in management, technology, health, and social work. It also seeks for practical solutions in building consensus among all local Palestinians by strengthening peace and democracy awareness; enhancing freedom of expression and social values.  It seeks to do so by working with young people to light a candle of hope for the next generations to have a better world to come.



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