The week in brief

December 20, 2009

jfjfpThis last week has seen a number of interesting postings. Here a few brief comments on a selection of them:

Tsipi Livni’s visit to the UK to address a JNF fundraiser was cancelled when an arrest warrant for her was issued. A number of postings deal with it and its aftermath: these include Daniel Machover’s alternative to David Miliband’s abject apology to Livni; and comment on the move to restrict the application of  universal jurisdiction, designed to negate it by subjecting it to the political calculations of the government of the day.

Refusenik (Sministit) Or Ben-Dor has been gaoled again – messages of support most welcome.

The town of Lifta to the west of Jerusalem, its residents driven out in 1948, has remained empty ever since, the Israeli authorities not allowing its former residents to return. Now the Jerusalem Municipality has produced plans to turn it into a luxurious and exclusive Jewish development…

Activist David Shulman offers some suggestions as to what can be done to protest about the Sheikh Jarrar evictions, Michel Warshawski writes on the arrest of Abdallah Abu Rahman of Bil’in.

JfJfP issued a statement about the labelling of settlement goods.

And Gaza. Always Gaza. As the anniversary of the outbreak of the war on Gaza approaches, we link to the extended Guardian article “Gaza – Childhood in Ruins”, a disturbing and moving account of the situation in Gaza today by Guardian Foreign Editor, Harriet Sherwood; and to Gisha’s dismantling of the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs apologia about the realities in Gaza.

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