The Israeli left…

April 25, 2010

Protest at eviction of Palestinian residentsA few weeks ago, we carried a piece by Jeremiah Haber, on the Magnes Zionist blog, where he wondered whether the ever growing demonstrations in Sheikh Jarrah were a sign of a revival on the Israeli left – the speech delivered by Sarah Beninga on behalf of the activists is also worth a read. Now, in a reasonably detailed analysis in this weekend’s FT, Tobias Buck suggests the trend is continuing as it becomes “a movement that is starting to make its presence felt.”  Buck includes an important note from one of the supporters, Hebrew University professor Bernard Avishai who points out that the lack of a consensus on support for a two state solution or a single bi-national state among the protestors is actually benefiting the movement: “they know they are against the occupation and they know they are against the Israeli right.”

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