Tel Aviv climbs cost of living index to become world’s 20th most expensive city

January 20, 2020
White City moves up semiannual ranking from 36th place on Numbeo database website; Haifa ranked 31st, Jerusalem 34th

Luxury apartment towers are seen in the Tel Aviv neighborhood of Park Tzameret on August 24, 2015

Luke Tress writes in Times of Israel, “Tel Aviv is the world’s 20th most expensive city in terms of cost of living, and the priciest in the Middle East, according to a report released this week. The White City ranks just below Oakland, California, and above Copenhagen, Denmark, according to figures published by Numbeo, a crowd-sourced global database of consumer prices that compares the cost of living in various countries.”

“Haifa placed at 31st, one slot above Chicago, and Jerusalem at 34th, below Osaka, Japan, and above Sarasota, Florida….In its cost of living estimate, it looks at prices for rent, groceries, restaurants, and local purchasing power, which compares average wages with ability to buy goods and services in the city.” (more…) 

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