Ta'ayush demo in Hebron 15 May 2010

May 19, 2010
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The soundtrack is almost entirely in Arabic and Hebrew, but two moments worth translating. At about 2’30” there’s an incident where Israeli soldiers detain a Palestinian for tagging (making a graffito) and demonstrators complain that compared to the uprooting of trees and demolition of houses thi is a minor offense and the demo is noisy but peaceful.

The second incident begins around 3’30” when some settlers begin throwing things on the demonstrators from the buildings above the old city. The pedestrianised streets of old Hebron have been covered over with wire mesh and fencing – you can see why, as they are litered with objects thrown down by the settlers. The Israeli army move on the protestors – throwing things back – and Ezra Nawi argues with the settlers, cursing that the land will spit them out and that they have no shame throwing stones on Shabbat and telling the soldiers to stop the settlers provocations instead of being aggressive towards the demonstrators – and on this occasion the IDF step back.

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