Refusenik Or Ben-David gaoled again – support her

December 20, 2009
Richard Kuper

shministim-letter_2009-2010Support the struggle against the occupation – Support the “Shministim”

Dear friends,

Our dear friend and sister Or Ben-David has been sentenced for 34 more days in military prison (after already serving 47 days) for refusing enlistment to the IDF (the Israeli army). Or, like other members of the “Shministim letter” refuses to enlist because of the IDF’s Brutal and illegal actions in the occupied Palestine. She, like many conscientious objectors, is willing to pay the price of her own freedom in order to struggle for freedom and justice for all.

We ask you, friends and supporters of the “Shministim Letter” and the struggle for freedom in Palestine and Israel to stand with us on January 2nd 2010 and welcome a new
year, a year of peace and justice. On this day we call on you all to organize you own community in demonstrations against Israel’s embassies and consulates around the world, in support and solidarity with Or and the Shministim and against the occupation and injustice. Together we will make Or’s silenced voice, freedom’s silenced voice, be heard!

To join our cause, support Or and notify us of your actions on that day please contact us.

We also welcome support by sending letters to Or in prison, or protest letters to your local Israeli embassy or consulate, demanding Or’s release. Letters of support to Or can be sent to us or to:
Or Ben-David
Military ID 6054025
Military Prison No. 400
Military Postal Code 02447, IDF
Fax: ++972-3-9579389

For more information you can also visit our site

Happy new year with solidarity,
Shministim Letter 2009- 2010

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