Peaceforte – musical concerts for peace

November 16, 2009


About Peaceforte

Behind Peaceforte are students, peace campaigners, academics and professional young musicians, who have come together to stage musical concerts aimed at raising funds for humanitarian causes. Music often speaks more strongly than words and can unite people both in times of oppression or peace. Music is a non-discriminatory universal language and has the power to reach out to every individual.

Exploring music as a tool for collaboration between disparate groups in society, Peaceforte work to promote young musical talent by providing a platform for performances. The potential for good within musical collaboration is demonstrated worldwide by examples such as the Simon Bolivar Orchestra (Venezuela), which has helped lift people out of poverty. Other efforts promote better education (Orchestres a l’Ecole, France). In an effort to strive for peace, Daniel Barenboim’s orchestra, the West-Eastern Divan, brings Palestinian and Israeli musicians together to share a musical stage.

Inspired by the above mentioned orchestras, we hope to shed light on current humanitarian crises and engage new audiences with humanitarian and environmental issues as well as classical music. We welcome all to join us on our experience to create music, solidarity and peace.

Keep checking our blog for future concerts and updates!

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