One law for Israel and another law for everyone else in the Middle East

February 10, 2018
Arthur Goodman
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Israel’s doctrine of deterrence by dominance is leading to another, even more destructive war with Hezbollah.

 Professor Idan Landau, writing in +972, dissects Israel’s one-sided deterrence doctrine, under which Israel has the right to develop precision-guided weapons at will, but its potential enemies do not. As far as Binyamin Netanyahu and his allies are concerned, mutual deterrence is not enough. They must always have the whip hand and they will go to war to keep it.

Ben Caspit, writing in Al Monitor, reports on the escalation of words – and preparations – between Israel and Hezbollah, which is leading to another war as each side moves slowly to a position of no return. Even writing from the centre-ground of Israeli politics, he says it isn’t worth the deaths and devastation which both Israel and Lebanon would suffer.

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