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Dear friends and supporters,

This year marked a jubilee since the founding of the settlement in Hebron. Throughout the past 50 years, thousands of soldiers were deployed in the city, us included. Being sent by Israeli governments to enforce the occupation in Hebron, we have become far too familiar with the separation policy implemented in the city, the restriction on Palestinian’s movement, and the “sterile” streets in the city center. The checkpoints, the stop-and search missions, the mappings of Palestinian homes and frequent night raids, are all part of the IDF’s daily routine in Hebron, that we were sent to maintain. For years we’ve been guarding the settlers of Hebron, and have been witnessing their violence and criminal actions, not just against Palestinians, but also toward us soldiers.

This week, we’re publishing a new booklet of testimonies of soldiers and officers of various ranks and units who served in the city between 2011-2017.

Breaking the Silence was founded in the aftermath of our service in Hebron and the experiences we had there, and this is the fourth booklet that we’ve dedicated solely to the city. It offers a diverse and up-to-date insight into the reality of the city, that on one hand is home to one of the most messianic, violent and extremist settler communities, and on the other hand captures the essence of the occupation, as well as our role in it as soldiers, as a whole.

Read the full booklet on the Breaking the Silence website.

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